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2015 mobilisation plan discussions in Lima

There were many incredibly helpful discussions that took place in Lima. Of course, that wasn’t a space for making concrete decisions about our mobilisation in 2015 since so many important groups weren’t attending.

But it’s clear that there is collective commitment to build a climate movement that is stronger than ever through the next year and beyond. In Paris in December, around the COP itself will be a very important moment for the movement in France, Europe and globally.

In addition there is continued commitment to working together in June and September to build momentum – and also to ensure there is a constant drumbeat of action being amplified around the world showing how people everywhere are calling for action, every day.

Groups also expressed their commitment to plan for a ‘movement moment’ in Spring / Summer 2016 since as we know, Paris will at best represent a ‘turning point’ in the global response to climate change and whatever happens the movement will need to keep building.

I thought the ITUC captured a really important point in their closing press release from Lima when they say ‘There are reasons for hope though. Lima has provided for the past two weeks a unique space for crystallising unity in the climate movement, which is growing in depth, diversity and ambition’

French groups will be making some key decisions in January 2015, for example about the date / nature of mobilisation efforts in Paris itself. Perhaps a call at that point bringing international and French groups together might be a helpful idea – we’ll be in touch in the New Year about that.

Given the fact that so many people are still on their way back from Lima we won’t convene a call before the holidays but if you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly (my email address follows)

Wishing you well for the holidays and I hope you manage to rest well with friends and family. We have a very busy exciting 2015 ahead of us…

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