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A special thinking on Eco-Safety

Bamidele F. Oni :: In a world where the trend of events point in the direction of an imminent destruct, it only seems natural to project some sort of options for survival or rather a timely redemption. Perhaps a hopeful twist in the trend could create a possibility of an absolute stand down of every possible endeavor or rather activities of man such that a moment of total tranquility is observed.

A possibility of the re-enactment of a time way older than man, an era when the earth was void of the make believe, time bound and self-destruct modifications men polluted the naturality of our biosphere with, all in the view of being the universally accepted earth bond-superior life forms which overtime has only initiated an array of unrepentant manipulated outcomes and man-adjudged wonders.

While of course there exist some specially designated days to reflect and act in total accordance to respected enacted insights of normalcy as portrayed by the higher authorities, in an absolutely suffocated atmosphere of abnormality where unsustainable activities and lifestyles are the new norms.

These special days however are justified in their relative background of reasons such that once in a while man can look back in absolute reflection on his relative impact so far on this planet, creating a scenario of self-judgement for the present while he thinks ahead for a probable adjustment in time for solutions and interventions overly for his sustenance. These special days now represent the keys to ensuring the future is not entirely left to chances in our hands.

The possibility of going back in time to set the course of changes right would have been a much celebrated alternative and the idea of freezing time in space might have probably allowed the earth to heal without our relative interference, but these possibilities only avail in science fiction movies and the only possible alternative is the reality of actual, timely and a global action.

These special days may call our attentions to the bidding of the time and it would only mean a revered attitude of selfless determination if every day living is lived like the special days would often portray.

A rather set back is often reflected in the usual poor attitudinal characteristics of people towards the acceptance of respective duty calls on these specially designated days and it is often of a well observed trend of despite a lot of awareness, the turn out had always been on the discouraging side and in a way, this still calls for an improved momentum of reach and awareness such that the information is spread wide and far with every adoptable means of enlightenment.

Our generation perhaps may represent the most era-prompted ones that could really and easily make the necessary scarifies needed for the Eco-safety of the next generation of humanity to walk the earth and we hold every possible keys of decisive intervention such that our planet retains its functions of life support overtime.

We also owe the subsequent predecessors of humanity a well laid template of sustainability and earth-conforming activities such that history does not have to repeat itself again and again.

In the realm of possibilities, every day would have been a special day to stand for our planet and the future of our kind.

One thought on “A special thinking on Eco-Safety”

  1. Temitayo says:

    If only most men knew how much we owe mother earth. The world will be a better place. Nice piece

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