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A story of a young fellow

Bangladeshi Young Mohammad Jahid Alam :: Our nation is the home of Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus, but it is also the home of millions youth who are doing noble work for society. It has always been wondering for us why this country with so many energetic youths is considered a backward nation, even though we are good in culturally, agriculturally politically and global business as well. Our youths have the energy, they have the will, but they do not know how to channelize it for developing a better nation.

A young, energetic fellow Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf, whom can be mentioned as different among others. He knows how to flourish being a youth for the development our country. He is self-motivated social worker, who involves various social awareness issues like campaign against tobacco, youth empowerment, blood donation club, child right protection, creating social entrepreneur and so on.

Yousuf shares his thoughts “Dream is not dream unless you do not see it from your inside. Social work has always been my passion since childhood. I love to be with people and raise my voice for the people who are not live with their dreams.” He is one of the heroic people who made his passion become profession. His journey began when he started working with Sohay Unnayan Songstha, a registered NGO of Bangladesh since 2010.

He is now chief executive officer in Shohay. Yousuf says “Watching people sufferings hurt me most when I was teenager. The best way to serve them is you involve with the team which is working for the people like NGOs. For the betterment of people Yousuf established a volunteer group called “Right Now” which involves ensuring basic needs for woman and children.

It is pay attention for rural poor and needy children and women. “Right Now” expanded its working area to abroad in India where volunteer will share their skills to develop sustainable means for the community while working with them in Bangladesh. Yousuf aims in through “Right Now” build a better world with the voluntary.

Today “Right Now” has more than 50, 0000 members including in Dhaka, Mymensingh, and Kolkata, Nepal. To the form of recognitions he was awarded to make contribution on orphan and youth development programs. Yousuf shares his views by saying, “When you are committed to a cause, results are bound to come your way, although it may take time, it will come one day. All the things I had done for “Right Now” were actually the motivation of all my volunteers. All credit goes to them.”

This year Yousuf was invited to attend “World Youth Summit 2015”where he represented as Delegates of Bangladesh. The summit was organized jointly by the aegis of club25 International Manipur and International Youth Committee (IYC).

This year the theme was “Youth for global Empowerment.”Yousuf made his speech on global networking. He said “We can only establish a global youth friendly world if we would strong linkage then any greater work could be done, nothing else.” The program was held from 29th March-2nd April at city convention centre, Imphal,Manipur in India.

After completing his graduation on BBA major in Finance, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf is planning to get his master degree or MBA as well. Regarding his future plan Yousuf says “I intend to have a country wide youth led social community whom are able to guide our nation ahead.”

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