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Ambassador Ziauddin meets Congressman Matt Salmon

Bangladesh Ambassador to the United States Mohammad Ziauddin met the Republican Congressman Matt Salmon, Chairman of the United States House Sub-committee on Asia Pacific at the Capitol Hill, today .

Discussing the present political situation in Bangladesh, Ambassador Ziauddin said that the present struggle is against the extremists, perpetrators of the crimes against humanity and the anti-liberation forces in Bangladesh.

Ambassador explained the genesis of Bangladesh Awami League as a political party established in late forties soon after the creation of Pakistan. The principal founding pillars of the party were democracy and secularism. It reflected the people’s aspiration. In due course the people’s party became vibrant under the leadership of the then young and promising leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; who subsequently later on led the Bangalee people to their freedom and independence, Ambassador added.

Ambassador said that on the contrary, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami were created under the patronization of a military ruler after the brutal killing of the Father of Nation. Post 1975, military autocrats systematically provided impunity to the killers of the Father of the Nation and deliberately reinstated the religious and the anti-liberation forces into politics, he added.

Bangladesh Ambassador informed that, on the first anniversary of the 10th Parliamentary Elections on 5 January 2015 the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami called for non-stop blockades and strikes in the country. They resorted to terrorist acts, bomb blasts and arson attacks as well as attacks on motor vehicles and killing of many innocent people, he added.

Ambassador informed that the present aim of the government to contain the anti-liberation forces and extremists in the country. Government remained committed to ensure law and order and public safety by all means. The people in general have not responded to the BNP-led alliance’s violent activities and political programmes and continue with their efforts to go by their daily lives.

The law enforcement and security agencies remain on high alert to prevent and pre-empt any form of terrorist act. Particular attention is being given to ensure the protection of the religious minorities from any possible attacks by miscreants, he added.

Bangladesh Ambassador said that the people of Bangladesh are secular and have been living in peace and harmony for centuries. Ambassador informed that the present government under the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed “zero tolerance” against all forms of extremism and terrorism.

Bangladesh under the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working closely with its’ neighbors as well as the United States and all other friendly countries to eliminate extremism and terrorism from within its’ borders and beyond.

Ambassador briefed the Congressman about the women empowerment in Bangladesh. He said that the present Government under the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina adopted liberal and women friendly policies to bring the women in the mainstream. He also requested the US government to extend Duty Free Quota Free (DFQF) access to all LDCs including Bangladesh removing the discriminations among the LDCs.

Congressman Matt Salmon, who is a key republican policy maker, assured his best to look at the issue of DFQF and thanked the Ambassador for the detail briefing on the current political situation in Bangladesh. Congressman Matt Salmon assured the Ambassador of all necessary cooperation during his stay in the United States. Counsellor Political Nayem Uddin Ahmed of the Embassy accompanied the Ambassador during the meeting.

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