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Bangladesh Govt blocks Viber & Tango

Viber LogoThe government of Bangladesh has blocked popular internet calling and messaging services Viber and Tango on security purpose. After spreading this news, the users of these mediums criticizing the present Awami League (AL) Government.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has sent letters to the mobile phone operators and international internet gateway operators regarding the closure.

BRTC Secretary Sarowar Alam confirmed this to the journalists in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Though current government is known as ‘Digital Govt’ the authority already stopped some Social Media for several times on security ground.

The notice was also sent to several embassies in Dhaka informing that the service will be inactive from 12:00 AM, Sunday to 6:00 PM. Later, the duration of the closure was extended till 12: AM on Monday. Source: Dhaka Tribune. This popular media wrote that, Bangladesh Govt blocks Viber & Tango.

It is notice that, Bangladesh Government shuts down Facebook and YouTube once and again including other Social Media in Bangladesh. Though after few days they opened those with pressure from users and international community.

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