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Beyond Paris to 2020

Around the world, in Paris and at home, civil society is working hard to ensure a robust outcome from these critical climate negotiations and ambitious action elsewhere that delivers meaningful change on the ground.

Still, we all know that the hard work of accelerating emission reductions, securing climate finance, adapting to climate change and increasing ambition is ahead of us. It’s encouraging that so many people and organizations are committed to work over the coming years to ensure those things happen, and to keep the <2 degrees (and, hopefully even <1.5 degree) windows open.

As part of a collaboration over the course of 2015, CAN-I and GCCA have launched a website designed to stimulate and share thinking about public campaigning priorities in the climate space for the 2016-2020 period.

Meant as a discussion and planning tool to help your organizations and the movement at large, the site is a work-in-progress, and this is your invitation to help carry the conversation forward and build a more vibrant and diverse global climate movement that strengthens coordination across a multitude of tactics and approaches when it matters most.

What campaigns need to be won by 2020 to stay on-track and build a more just, climate-resilient, and fossil free world? What priorities and milestones should civil society pursue in the next five years to accelerate the transformation?

On the site you’ll find a glimpse of what many policy experts and campaigners have to say in response to these questions. But the site was deliberately designed as a ‘wiki’ and we would love your opinions, suggestions and ideas to continue to improve and add to the emerging picture.

It is an opportunity for all of us to have a conversation about the next five years, to find potential collaborators, to get a sense of where the energy lies and where gaps exist in public campaigning efforts without having to be in the same room, city or country. Please take a few minutes to visit the website, leave comments, and/or make suggestions about specific campaign ideas you or your organization may have.

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