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Research book Hindi TV channels and children language is in book fair

A research publication titled ‘Hindi TV Channels and Children Language’ is coming into the Ekushey Book Fair. How Hindi TV channels are affecting children language acquiring, it is documented through a year-long research by Aminul Islam Sujon. He is a researcher, journalist and organizer. This book is going to be published by the creative publication house Bhashachitra and their stall 287-288 in this book fair. This book will be available on 10 February 2015 at Bhashachitra stall.

Book information: This book is based on study to understand, examine and explain how the Hindi TV channels are affecting on our national and mother language and as well as our culture and society; in particular children language. Hindi TV channels aggression influences kids, teen-aged groups, adults as they use Hindi language in their daily life, try to choose dresses which are using in Hindi channels, write Hindi (by using English alphabet) posts or comments in social sites, and adopt many things in their daily lives.
Our mother language Bangla and its culture are very badly affected which we gained from many people’s blood in 1952; including Salam-Rafik-Barkat-Jobbar. Bangla culture is older than Hindi; we have norms, values in our family and society. The Hindi TV channels are destroying our norms, values and cultures.
In this book, the researcher tried to examine the current scenario of Hindi TV channels airing and their some of events.

Author’s bio: Aminul Islam Sujon is a journalist, researcher and organizer. He is writing and editing various issues since last 17 years. He has involved in Journalism in 1997 and has worked till 2007 in a various national daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly newspapers. During 2005-06, he played role as the Executive Editor of Monthly Ananda Din. He also involved with the regular publication of the public health newsletter ‘Swamaswar’ (Combined Voice), published by Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance (BATA). Last 5 years, he is playing role as the Executive Editor of Swamaswar. He is also member of Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA) and National Girl Child Advocacy Forum.

He has written thousands of reports and articles and has edited many publications, booklets during last 17 years. His single edited publication is more than 10, including ‘A N M Saleh: Life and Works’ is a compilation of many authors article. He has also involved as the co-editor of about 30 publications on public health, environment, and gender and children development. He has been involved as member in 11 researches, in which 2 research articles were published in a peer-reviewed journal. His 10 researches (both, Bengali and English) has also published as book.

Due to professional achievements and awards, he has travelled in USA, UAE, India, Thailand, Australia, Singapore and France. He is a social activist and has donated his blood 36 times already.

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