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Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dainik Azadi is one of the most popular local Bengali daily newspaper of Chittagong, Bangladesh. This is the first newspaper which was published as daily. It is very well known daily local newspaper since the beginning of independent and sovereign country, Bangladesh. It started its journey from 5th September, 1960. The founder of Dainik Azadi is Al-Haj Muhammad Abdul Khaleque (1898-1962). He was editor and publisher of the newspaper at a time.

Except The Daily Purbokone,  known as Dainik Purbokone there are no competitor of The Daily Azadi . Azadi is the top circulated newspaper in Chittagong and most popular regional newspaper of Bangladesh.

The respected founder was the first Engineer of Chittagong city among the Muslims. Rather live life being a government officer, he lived a struggle some life. Later he established a printing press named “Kohinoor Electric Press”. The Dainik Azadi came out from this press on 5th September, 1960.

In all the democratic movement and national liberation struggle. It always stand for human rights and peace of human lives. It plays very risky role on the historical movements against inhumanity.

It provides regional news, country news and also the world news. Its daily news also includes business news, market news, horoscope, sports news etcetera. Its courageous news, provides clearness of current issues.

Daily Azadi has ePaper also which more popular than their normal website. There anyone can get real taste of printed newspaper in web. Beside that, Dainik Azadi has popular jobs site which is called Azadi Jobs.

It has been playing an important role in favor of democracy, human rights and also against all injustice, autocracy and terrorism. It holds firm position against all kinds of inhuman activities. Unbiased journalism, tolerance and freedom of speech are the main mechanisms of the editorial philosophy of Dainik Azadi.

Currently its editor is M. A. Malek and Managing Editor is Wahid Malek. Its main office is situated in 9, CDA commercial area, Momin Road, Chittagong-4000. Phone: (031) 612380. Email:,, Dhaka Office: BTI Paramount (3rd Floor) 80/4 Siddeshwari New Circular Road, Dhaka-1217. Phone: 02-9348582

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