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How to find a job in Germany?

Jobs in GermanyLast seven months I am living in Germany. One of my bosom friends contacting me about her future career in Germany. She is highly qualified person.

She did her Bachelors & Masters from a reputed Public University from India. Her subject was Applied Chemistry. She has experience more than nine years in the field of medicine production. After contacting with me what I said to her? Please read attentively…

You are really qualified person. And your subject is also global one. Just you have to search the desire job through Google and relative job sites. Because you know, your field and my field is totally different. And here in Deutschland (Germany) I am very new.

The funny thing is: if I ask to something to any local person — they just replied in German: ‘Tut mir leid. Ich weiß nicht.’ Or ‘Keine ahnung! Fragen Sie bitte Google.’ That means: I am really sorry. I don’t know. No idea! Please ask to Google.

And this is the reality. Yesterday I gave you two ( & links. Here I am giving two more:

And yes, you can do job with your English proficiency but German will be more helpful. I already faced for several times: How to find a job in Germany? And what types of jobs has in Germany? If you need other jobs media world-wide please visit this page:

Last but not least, I just love Google, even I got this fellowship searching by Google. So please select your keywords, say for example— jobs in pharmaceuticals sector in Germany, jobs for applied chemistry’s students, jobs for medicine sector etc.

I strongly believe you will find a job. And just think about other countries also, like USA. Even you can migrate yourself to Canada. Actually German is not English speaking country, that is the problem — as like as Japan. Developed but not English-friendly. Though maximum German people knows more or less English. Even sometimes better than English-speaker!

I think this talking will be a little bit helpful for you. And if you need a good job in a reputed company currently, I mean for the time being— I can have a try for you in Apex Pharma in Delhi. I have a senior friend in that pharmaceuticals company. So I think I provided four important links where you can try for your future career. Because I believe by this way you can find a lot of resources. But yes you can also try with your other colleagues and friends in Germany who are working for same sector where you wanted to enter.

No more today! I am free to talk to at Saturday and Sunday.

Very best regards and wishes,

Monika Gomez
Bonn, Germany

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