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Groups push for climate funds as UN climate and G7 talks continue

Climate change issues As negotiators scramble to make the most of the remaining days of the UN climate talks here, civil society groups call on richer countries to make good on their obligations to deliver adequate climate finance for adaptation and mitigation actions to be carried out in developing countries.

“In Copenhagen in 2009, developed countries promised US$100 billion climate finance per year for developing countries. This amount is still short of what is needed, but even then the Green Climate Fund has gotten only $10 billion in actual pledges for the next three years.” said Lidy Nacpil of the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development.

“Here in Bonn, we are angered to see the continuing refusal of developed country governments to include clear commitments of finance in the Paris working document, she added.

“Least Developed Countries cannot afford to spend the little funds they have for development on purely recovery, adaptation, and loss and damage. A UNEP report estimated that in Africa alone, where half of LDCs are, adaptation will require $50 billion per year in a two-degree Celsius temperature rise scenario. But we know that this figure underestimates the real needs of Africa,” added Azeb Girmai of LDC Watch.

The start of the second week of the Bonn climate negotiations coincide with the annual summit of the Group of Seven richest countries, which will tackle climate change today in Elmau Castle in Kruen, also in Germany.

“G7 leaders talk climate but continue to pollute,” said Asad Rehman of Friends of the Earth (EWNI). “Their promises to cut emissions run hollow, they are dragging their feet on cutting their pollution but also hand over more than $18 billion a year to planet wrecking coal and other dirty energy companies.”

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