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Launching Ceremony of “Soil Testing Kit” by ACI Fertilizer and BAU

Launching Ceremony of “Soil Testing Kit” by ACI Fertilizer and BAU. At present, many farmers use excessive chemical fertilizers thinking that using of more fertilizers can help them get better production but eventually this menace has a serious affect on the soil and environment as well over the years, said the scientists.

Department of Soil Science of BAU and ACI Fertilizer jointly organised the event.
University Grants Commission member Prof Mohammad Yousuf Ali Mollah was the chief guest at the event.

Bashir Ahmed, Business Director of ACI Fertilizer was present their as specila guest. Prof Dr Monoranjan Das and Prof Dr Lutful Hassan spoke on the occasion.

The scientists also said there is a lot of scope to produce bio-fertilizers from the huge amount of waste discharged in municipality areas daily and they could be used as raw materials for. They are cheap and environment-friendly too.

Now it is a great challenge to maintain soil’s good health but the challenge must be overcome, they added. Through using soil testing kits, a farmer can easily test the soil condition before cultivation, they said.

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