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Lima COP on verge of failing people and the planet

Observers warned that the Lima UN climate conference is on verge of adopting a series of ‘decisions’ that fail to confront the climate crisis and its impacts.

“An outcome only focused on what countries will do for mitigation, which is what is on the cards, fails the planet and fails the poor.” Meena Raman, negotiation expert at Third World Network said.

The proposed text, released late last night does not include compulsory obligations on providing climate finance, nor does it address the issue of ‘loss and damage’ to climate events.

“The new text once again fails to recognize that ‘loss and damage’ begins when adaptation fails. While adaptation is about preparing beforehand, loss and damage is about dealing with the devastating consequences.” Said Harjeet Singh, International Manager for Resilience and Climate change at ActionAid.

“Rich nations have been dragging their feet, but we can’t allow this essential element to slip off the table when we know that climate crises are going to get far worse with rising temperatures. The exclusion of a separate provision will fail the very people the treaty should be protecting. That answer and this outcome sadden me and pain me.” Singh said.

Although the science requires significantly more climate action in the immediate per-2020 period, observers warned that governments had flubbed this part of the conference’s objective.

“An outcome that doesn’t require an increase in immediate climate action is one that fails the climate test – it fails on math and it fails on fairness. An outcome without a roadmap for climate finance, so we know what will be available to begin the energy transformation in the developing world, is a dereliction of responsibility.” Lidy Nacpil, coordinator of Jubilee South Asia Pacific said.

“The current proposal in the text is to focus on ‘accelerating the implementation’ of targets. The science shows that current targets risk 4 or 5C of warming, why would we want to accelerate the implementation of those? What we demand is the raising of targets not a faster implementation of ineffectual targets.”’ Nacpil said.

Observers were clear about the drivers behind the dangerous weak outcome in Lima.

“The inaction of wealthy nations at the UN climate negotiations is outrageous. It flies in the face of the most vulnerable countries and communities suffering from the climate crisis. This is climate injustice,” said Friends of the Earth International chairperson Jagoda Munic from Croatia.

Over 150 activists staged a “die-in” for the voices of the ignored on the final day of the conference, to highlight how far governments were from addressing the needs and rights of people impacted by climate change.

The talks are expected to conclude late tonight or could run on to Saturday afternoon.

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