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LMDC called for real, actual and hard negotiations

LIKE-MINDED DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: TIME TO START REAL NEGOTIATIONS, SUPPORTED CALL BY G77 AND CHINA FOR ACTUAL, TRANSPARENT AND PARTICIPATORY NEGOTIATIONS IN THE U.N. CLIMATE TALKS. The Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDC) called for real, actual and hard negotiations to take place instead of the current mode of conceptual discussion.

Governments are currently participating in the UN climate talks in Bonn this week. The LMDC has been making this call at the UN climate talks since March 2014, concerned that the pace of the negotiations are not keeping up with the urgency of the need to address climate change. The group believes that the result of the UN climate talks must be based on consensus and arrived at in a transparent and country-driven manner.

They have been putting forward their textual proposals with respect to the possible agreed outcome in Paris. Mr. Gurdial Singh Nijar of Malaysia, LMDC spokesperson and speaking on behalf of the group said: “Our group has been calling for the start of real negotiations since March of last year.

The time for talking about concepts and general chit chat is over. With only 5 negotiating days left before Paris, it is time to roll up our sleeves, look each other in the eye and dive into the meat of the negotiating text. Only through direct, inclusive and interactive negotiations will Parties be able to narrow down differences, find convergence, and ultimately achieve consensus.”

He added that “Such direct, text-based negotiations are necessary for them to be considered as fully transparent, and to enable developing countries to participate and engage extensively in the negotiations. This way Parties will claim ownership of the agreement in Paris; and lead to its acceptance and decisive implementation domestically.”

The LMDC is a diverse group of developing countries from Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean, representing half of the world’s population and in which more than three-fourths of the world’s poor and those vulnerable to climate change live. The group has consistently called for the full and effective implementation of the UN climate change convention as the best way to solve the climate crisis, under which they expect developed countries to be more ambitious in complying with their long- standing commitments to reduce emissions and to provide finance and technology in support of developing countries’ climate change actions under the UN climate change convention.

The group’s members have been at the forefront of putting forward their own ambitious climate change actions, including on increasing the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and shifting to sustainable development pathways.

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