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Rohingyas are not sea creature, bring them to shore


Dr Golam Sarwar :: Rohingya are not Sea Creature. They belongs to a land called Myanmar.Myanmar Criminal Junta, Criminal Buddhist Monk, Criminal Police /Security Systematically committed GENOCIDE,evicted them out of their land/home. Thousands of Rohingyas were killed, raped, burnt  alive to death, including infant /children were thrown to fire alive.slaughtered alive.

Still world /UN watching.World Civil population /UN you do not have to show compassion ,show your Decency —–
1) Bring them back from water, & Repatriate them in Myanmar with dignity where they belongs to, if not
2) Take them in your land,
3) Bring all these Criminals –Myanmar Military, Police, Security, Authority, BUDDHIST MONKs ,and involved  all criminal Citizen of Myanmar who committed these Genocide to face ICC( International Criminal court)

Myanmar Millitary, Buddish extremist, silent support of all Burmese Opposition politics Systematically committing RAPE, MURDER, Genocide, Ethnic cleansing in this 21st Century in front of? Civilised world. They are violating all International law, Human rights,humanitarian laws. Muslims are cheap target to be persecuted as these Criminals are immune from prosecution and accountability.

Rohingya were evicted from their homes ,Valuables were looted,their houses were burnt,Children were killed mercilessly, sometimes thrown into fire, and burnt to death, women  little girls were raped and killed barbarically, elderly men women were killed mercilessly in the hand of these Buddish Monk,Millitary,police, security.Their land has been confiscated. Rohingyas are not sea creature, bring them to shore…

Dr. Golam SarwarTime after time Muslims have been attacked by Monk , Police, Criminal Gang,Security with clear intention to evict them from their Homeland. In one incidence in 1978 ,200000 people took refuge in Bangladesh and still living in Bangladesh.Latest planned cleansing,Murder,Rape,Eviction in 2012 by MONK, MILLITARY, POLICE, SECURITY when >100000 have fled the country and > 140000 have been confined to Squalid camps around Arkans state, wholly dependent on International humanitarian Assistance.

Burmese Monks with the support of authority continuing  genocide,ethnic cleansing  silently. World moral compass, and  Conscience should act decisively to save these populations vanishing silently. We condemn strongly  all forms of violence ,terrorism, genocide,ethnic cleansing. All Conscience should influence politicians and, Religious leaderships of the world to work together to stop this genocide  and anywhere in the world and  bring  perpetrator to justice.

These MONK,MILLITARY JUNTA, POLICE must face ICC for the crimes they have committed and are committing. One crime is going to bring more crimes. We, as civil society must take strong stand against these criminal activities and help to ensure Justice.

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