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Sloth CCC Anti-smoking moves, spends 2lac of 2mn

Sloth CCC Anti-smoking moves, spends 2lac of 2mn. The anti-smoking activities of Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) has turned slower, the guidelines to prevent smoking has not been implemented, and it has spent only Tk 2 lakh for the anti-smoking activities whereas the budget was worth two millions, while the budget for current fiscal is 2.5 million which will be used on the same sectors of anti-smoking, expressed the newly elected CCC Mayor on his meet with the ATMA members, and they also urged him to increase the fund amount allocated for tobacco control in the CCC reads a report on the Daily Azadi by Morshed Talukder, an ATMA member on August 26, 2015

The issue of spending only Tk two lakhs has been exposed after analyzing the last year budget. It is known that the budget was allotted after the urge of YPSA in association with some local anti-tobacco platforms to the Mayor of the CCC but spending only a small fraction of the entire budget is regrettable even after making queries by the local anti-tobacco platforms for several times.

ATMA members, at a meeting with the CCC Mayor held on August 25, 2015, are on the view that if the fund is spent accordingly, they would extend a helping hand to implement the CCC adopted anti-smoking measures while the Mayor said that the budget will be utilized to make a smoking-free city and by the same time it will be applied to develop Chittagong as a healthy city as well.

Besides, the smoke-free guideline which was formulated in 2011 with some sections aiming to make CCC as smoking-free city is less effective than expected. Many of the major sections of the guideline including setting up of a free help line, conducting mobile court drives in association with the Court or by appointing magistrates, making all the public places smoking-free etc. has not been entirely implemented yet.

The detail of the report in Bangla is available on the following link:

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