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Some useful tips for house hunting

This is an article about property hunt in the month of Ramadan. Lamudi brings some useful tips for house hunting in Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is one of the slowest months of the calendar year, especially for the real estate market.

Not only do prices drop but the rate of purchase, sales and rent take a significant dip. Prices for apartments, houses, commercial properties go down slightly whether for rent or for sale. Similarly, activities related to sale and purchase of land also become dry. During this quiet month where one can find enticing prices however, investors and buyers don’t jump on the wagon just yet, people tend to wait for the post Eid-ul-fitr days.

A significantly less volume of people search for properties during the holy month. The whole activity of searching for properties is a tiring activity, and hence during days of fasting, a big volume of people refrain from anything laborious. However, because one may stumble across a property that is otherwise slightly more expensive, Lamudi can come of great assistance.

Lamudi, an online real estate portal, enables anyone to help purchase their dream home or commercial property, or a wide range of rental properties from home, or anywhere. Lamudi Website: the no.1 online real estate market place of Bangladesh with 550+ developer and 17500+ listings. In the month of Ramadan anyone can find their house from or at least can do research before visiting a property, regarding area, photos of property, indoor and outdoor features.

Currently 90,000 property seekers per month are looking for property though Lamudi website. Lamudi Dial for Home Service: This is a unique concept in Bangladesh. Property hunters only need to call Lamudi’s hotline which is 01777-777-187 and describe what kind of property they are looking for.

A Lamudi representative will search for the desired properties from Lamudi’s vast database and will give the relevant information to the caller in a return SMS. Rental and Estate agency: The convenience of having real estate agents really falls under the spotlight during this time of the year; for both buyers and sellers.

Not only can you search online exactly what you’re looking for, but a dedicated agent is always at your service and a phone call away. From having your properties inspected, and paperwork finalized, your realtors can save you all the hard work. Sellers have a very difficult time to find potential buyers. Not many customers want to enter negotiation or are willing to spend a lot of money.

Real estate agents can help boost sale by suggesting attractive prices, and ensuring proper exposure online, advertising on newspapers or in any other platforms. There can always be someone looking to rent a property immediately or an urgent situation. Lamudi’s expert analyst can also compare trends of sale/rent rates of the last few years of Ramadan months to predict the most efficient pricing to help you find clients for your property as fast as possible.

In the month of Ramadan when people are more focused on charitable activities and spending time in prayer, Lamudi makes property searching hassle free and less tiresome.

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