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Story of a Bangladeshi American Startup Founder

How to be an Enterpreneur?We have a common conception in our country is that States must be a place where all the dreams come true. But starting up is a hard thing to do whether it’s in Bangladesh or United States. Ever wonder how life is for an American founder? What challenges and hurdles do they face? What is it like to raise funding in America? How similar or different is it from Bangladesh?

Musaddeq Khan (MK) – a serial tech entrepreneur based in Atlanta, USA. MK talked about his 3rd startup, big data and his journey including successful exit from his last 2 startup’s on December 20, 2014, Saturday at Hubdhaka premises.

There are lots of Non-resident Bangladeshis coming every month in Bangladesh who are eager to connect with the young minds of this country, create a platform for the young entrepreneurs that will help them get investors or just the right advice to get their business started. In the past, there were no proper place where they could come and have a session with students or these startup enthusiasts. Hubdhaka helps connect these two polars of the startup community by providing an appropriate venue so the NRB entrepreneurs can come and collaborate with the country’s startup ecosystem.

The event had limited seating arrangement. So even though hubdhaka received a lot of application they provided seats for only 35 people. But still with this limited number the event was highly engaging. The spontaneous participation from the attendees made MK realize there are true potential lies in this country’s every corner. He showed true intention to come back and talk to the young entrepreneurs again very soon.

Hubdhaka is a coworking space for professional productive meeting, events and workspace for freelancers, startups, small business and professionals locate in mirpur. To know more about Hubdhaka please visit

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