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Subsidized fertilizer for food crops used in tobacco farming

Allegations have been made that despite ban the subsidized fertilizers from the government is being used for growing tobacco instead of paddy and winter crops in Bandarban district, and a significant amount of arable lands in Roangchharhi, Alikadam, Lama, Ruma and Naikkhongchharhi areas have used subsidized fertilizers to cultivate tobacco in the district, reads a report on Bangla Tribune by Md. Nazrul Islam (Titu), an ATMA member, on December 23, 2017.

According to the report, the number of arable lands is on the decline but the government officials are forging the land quantity to get a greater allotment of fertilizers in the area so that they could use that for tobacco cultivation purposes.

The report also reads that the fertilizer dealers are selling at a higher price to the tobacco farmers. Urea is required, when asked to a farmer, for a better tobacco leaf, said a farmer in the area. The dealers are of the view that the majority of the farmers grow tobacco on their lands and so they sell fertilizers at a higher price.

An official from the local agriculture office, seeking anonymity, said that tobacco companies have a good liaison with their higher officials and they are bound to sell the fertilizers to tobacco farmers. They are, in fact, helpless about the matter, he opined. The official also suggested reducing the allocation of fertilizers in this area.

The detail of the report is available on the following link:ফসলি-জমির-কথা-বলে-বেশি-সার-এনে-তামাক-চাষ

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