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TC law violation in Sylhet

Majority of the populations including public representatives are unaware of the Tobacco Control (TC) law, tobacco advertisements are rampant, and smoking in public places is a common scene everywhere in Sylhet creating health hazards for the non-smokers, according to a series of reports published November 19, 20 and 24, 2014 in one of the leading regional dailies, Daily Jalalabad by Abu Bakar Siddique – a regional ATMA member.

Investigations have found evidences of massive violation of the TC law, and smoking in the government office premises considered as a public place by the TC law. Although Signage is seen in government offices and other places which could be considered as public place according to the TC law but these signage are not properly written with proper size of the anti-smoking notices. Moreover, the implementation of the law is mostly absent in everywhere.

The government has amended the TC law to check the growing use of tobacco across the country, its violation in Sylhet district needs immediate attention to implement the TC law.

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