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Tobacco farming endangers food security

The government has achieved a great success in food security, gained the ability to export rice in the other countries but tobacco farming across the country is on the increase and simultaneously is endangering the success, and now the success is under question if it will sustain or not, reads a report by Hamid Uz Zamana Mamun, an ATMA member on the Daily Janakantha on July 22, 2015.

Investigations in Kushtia district have found that most of the arable lands are under tobacco cultivation during the food crop seasons, reads the report. The former Food Minister is on the view that food security will not be under threat as the government has adopted different steps to discourage tobacco farming, according to the report.

Anti-tobacco experts and economists are on the view that the number of food crop producing lands are reducing due to tobacco cultivation and the lands fertility are also on the decrease, after the report. The report also states that the 38,000 acres of lands have been increased for tobacco cultivation in 2013 -14 fiscal years.

The detail of the report is available on the following link:

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