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The Victorious Legacies of Women

Shagufta Tasnime :: “Whatever the youth of today are experiencing or enjoying, it is something we never got to have. But the thrill we faced during the war, is something the youth of today will never face, imagine or even fathom. We didn’t have any fear; our parents couldn’t even stop us. We fought at a very young age, sacrificing everything we had, while losing a many things, but we have no regret – because what we have now, is the joy of victory, the proud memories of our youth.”. Three woman freedom fighters Mamtaj Begum, Farida Akhtar & Lakshmi Chakrabarty reminisced the memories of wartime with excitement in their eyes.

Salute to all the women freedom fighters of ‘71 for their bravery and compassion towards achieving victory. The Muktijuddho isn’t about the memories of what women lost, not about the tears of the Birangonas. Instead, the memories consist of the sheer excitement of doing something for the country; the exhilaration of breaking the norms of society and defeating the invading Pakistani army to attain victory. ​This exultation is for all those brave women freedom fighters who made all this possible and were part of the bringing victory to us. To rejoice those moments and to bring all their brave tales to the future generations, the month victory has a new arrangement – “Bijoya”.

Freedom Figher Mamtaj Begum was the female representative of the Temporary Government “Mujibnagar Shorkar”, formed on 10th April, 1971. Farida Akhtar was the Founding Secretary of the Bangladesh Awami Volunteer Battalion for that were up with brave women in Agartala during the War of Independence. And during 1971, young Lakshmi Chakrabarty was a nurse at the famed “GB Hospital” and “Victoria Hospital” at Agartala during the war.

Their pain from the memories of 1971’s War of Independence isn’t any less. Farida Akhtar lost her 5 month old child when she took part in the war. Lakshmi Chakrabarty still doesn’t drink Coconut Water in grief of a fallen freedom fighter. Mamtaj Begum still mourns for not being able to bring back a fellow warrior back to a mother. But still whenever there are talks about the War of Independence, their eyes glisten – as if they are still the same young Lakshmi, adolescent Farida, youthful Mamtaj. The memories of the War of Independence isn’t unbearable to them. 71 is their love, pride, their source of courage.

No more tears, as we will listen to the merriment of Patriotism, throughout the whole month of Victory. Every Monday listen to the stories of these brave women freedom fighters, brought to you by Unilever, Conceptulaized by Bagher Bachcha Digital and presented by Colours FM. “Bijoya” will be on from 7pm to 8.30pm only on 101.6 FM. You can watch a small video on their bravery on YouTube, directed by Mohd. Abdullah Saad of Khelna Chobi. To know more, click:

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