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What are the development challenges for Bangladesh?

What are the development challenges for Bangladesh? What development challenge are you addressing?  What solution are you proposing?  What is the magnitude of this challenge in the proposed country of implementation, as well as globally (include relevant statistics)?

What about this particular solution gives it the potential to significantly impact the development challenge in a way that has not been feasible before? If applicable, describe previous experiences implementing or testing the solution and any evidence of successful development impact.  Please provide relevant data and citations in support of your statements. (1/2 page limit)

Bangladesh is vulnerable country in the globe from its creation, as it is situated in the face of Bay of Bengal. Farmers of coastal areas suffers more than other places of Bangladesh in the in the influence of water level, salinity intrusion and severe cyclone. It is accounted that about 23 GDP of the country resulted from the agriculture sector. About 75 percent of people of this country depend on agriculture still now, in spite of the industrialization of the world.

The development challenges we are addressing are many. Of them soaring high prices of the necessary commodities, that is big problem in the context of this country,  accurate selection of the vulnerable farmers to help, market management, and to provide quality seeds and fertilizer among them in time are the big development challenge. In July and August flood, 2007 as well as November, 2007 Cyclone Sidr hit many districts of southern part of Bangladesh, it highlighted that awareness and education on the implications of climate change on communities were critical steps in adapting to climate change.

In that time around 30 districts of Bangladesh, in particular coastal areas were affected severely. While communities are familiar with current weather, there is less appreciation of the impending changes in long-term climate. Understanding of the range of possible future changes, including associated uncertainties, is critical for planning and adjusting local practices, processes, systems and infrastructure, which at present in the Solomon Islands are more suited to manage extant climate variability.

There is currently no systematic and coherent understanding of the slow-manifesting but longer-term changes in climate and their likely implications on diverse communities and social groups. The absence of coherence in perceptions of change and what needs to be done to manage uncertainties is a recipe for undermining resilience to climate change and adaptive capacity and therefore human development.

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