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Young Journalist Media Fellowship 2018

Driven by the country’s current context and demographic opportunity, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) has prioritized social, economic and political empowerment of young people through its programmatic areas. To raise public awareness, and sensitize policymakers and stakeholders on youth challenges and development issues, ActionAid Bangladesh is inviting for applications from passionate young journalists for the ‘ActionAid Young Journalist Media Fellowship 2018’.

Five winning applications from the journalists will be selected for this fellowship. We request you to share the application on one/two areas of following topics.

•       Manifesto for next elections: youth perspective.

•       Youth engagement for social cohesion and participatory democracy.

•       Informal Sector in Bangladesh: Challenges and opportunities for youth.

•       Current skill development initiatives by the government in relation to present market demand.

•       Entrepreneurship and economic opportunities for young people: Obstacles and Advantages.

•       Importance of technical education in secondary education of Bangladesh.

•       The culture of silence on SRHR (SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RIGHT) and the role of government.

•       The funding for public services at the local level (skilled based education and SRHR).

Fellowship Category

Print, Electronic and Online Media (English and Bangla)

Each Fellowship Award: BDT 67,648 (VAT & Tax included)

Fellowship Timeline (Report generation and publication)

November – December 2018

Last Date of Application Submission: 20 October 2018


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