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YSSE: An open door for youths all across the country

Sohai Unnoyon SangsthaYSSE (Youth School for Social Entrepreneur) is an open door for youths all across the country- Bangladesh. Youths are the future hope of our nation. In Bangladesh many of us may think a great future of our young generations, but in reality what we see is completely different from our thoughts. Experts’ recently indentify around one third of the population, namely 45 million people, is youth between the ages of 18 and 35.

Only a small fraction of this group is able to enjoy a ‘Happy life’. They emphasis less than 10 percent of the youth population of Bangladesh is able to afford a decent accommodation, receive good education, and have time for leisure activities.

In Bangladesh unless a young individual belongs to a well-off family, the chances will be high in order to establish a business or being employed at a high-paying position which are very limited. Good jobs are often reserved for graduates of expensive private or foreign universities which very few of us can afford. Scope and opportunity for youth people who come from lower and middle-income families are significantly limited.

As a result a large number of youth remain jobless and suffer of doing business. Rather they are involved in the political violence and committed to crime in term of receiving money to survive and support their families.
Moreover employers do not want to give them moderate salary. Small and medium scale organizations do not usually pay their young employees more than 6000 taka per month.

Even Bank does not issue loan for new entrepreneur unless they have not got experienced more than three years. How can they achieve desired experience unless they get chance of starting business?

Youth people who are neither in employment nor in education have become a serious concern for our government and even around the world as well. Youth participation can bring the competitiveness and socio-economic growth prospects of nations at large.

Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE), a social community based institution was established in last month (01 Feb 2015) with the jointly cooperation of British Council and The Hunger Project -Active Citizen Program. It aims is to resolve the global youth unemployment crisis by encouraging diverse groups of stakeholders and create youth-led Country Networks.

It will focus on creating opportunities for under-privileged youth by developing their leadership skills, job oriented skills access to resources and linkages needed to realize their potential as young social and economic entrepreneurs.

It aspires for a society free from starvation, oppression and deprivation through empowerment and resource mobilization in youth where every individual will be able to live in peace. Slogan for YSSE is “stage of innovation”.

Funding has been always key factor to be an entrepreneur, as a matter of fact YSSE access to funding and create investment opportunities through various linkages.

Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf, convener of YSSE believes, “the national economic development mostly depends on the involvement of youth generation. Keeping in this view, we need to give attention the responsibility of transferring the disorganized and unproductive youth into an organized, disciplined and productive workforce.”

In Bangladesh countless number of the youth individuals are facing problem to be an entrepreneur due to skills shortages, education quality and relevance, and the regulatory environment. But in this case, YSSE will arrange workshop on social entrepreneurship, promoting young social entrepreneurs by campaigning. It also be mentioned that, YSSE will provide training on skill Development, idea generation, innovation, management and project development to enterprise youths to be an entrepreneur. Besides it has regular seminar opportunity mainly based on social entrepreneurship as a component for socio-economic development. A counseling center has been formed for individual and group counseling and consultancy work.

Apparently, it must be confessed that in current situation entire globally there are definite demands for the creation of sole entrepreneurs and jobs to help the youth and uplift the steady growth of our economy.

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